#MenInHijab: The Quest By Men To Stop The Forcing Of Hijab In Iran

If you follow the news or an avid user of any form of social media, it is more likely than not that you’ve seen or heard about the current situation in Iran. It is becoming more extremist by the day and one of the laws that is enforced almost religiously is the wearing of hijab by women.

Now, for obvious reasons, a good population of the women have a problem with that. They hate being forced to do something they don’t feel comfortable with and to many, making someone wear a hijab is the same as not letting people wear it.

So, to show solidarity with these women and to protest this obnoxious law, men all over Iran have started a trend:



source: alarabiya.net

These people are supporting their wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and any other women forced to wear hijab by donning the piece of clothing themselves.


source: independent.co.uk

source: tribune.com.pk

Way to go, guys! Those men who stand for the freedom of women are the real feminists and these women are really lucky to have guys like these.

source: carbonated.tv

source: carbonated.tv

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