Menace Of Drug Use Among Our Youth

Our youth is on the edge of being destroyed due to addictive substances easily available in the market. Youth is the pillar of any country; they are the pillars that can make or break the country. Being young means being powerful, being courageous, being creative, and whatnot. But today’s youth is like a burned paper whose ashes are flying in the air.

Reasons for Addiction

 A person just does not become addicted suddenly; there are reasons for that. Currently, our youth is under a lot of pressure because they are not acceptable for who they are. They have to keep changing themselves, making themselves better and better until they became numb. And that’s the point in a person’s life he reaches for drugs.

For something that will take him away into an imaginative world of his own. The person is free from financial burden, people’s dreams, society boundaries, relations. The burden of whatever is going on with him, he has to acquire a certain GPA, or get kicked out of the university. He will be jobless forever. He will not be able to return favors to that family who has done everything for him. The person is completely terrorized and traumatized from that, and this is the time in one’s life when he chooses to take the easy way out.

Role Played by the Media

Advertising is a big reason for addiction these days. Instead of banning these products, we show them in a glamorous way. We create a level of coolness with these products. This kind of advertising takes youth towards the disgusting path of addiction.

Toxic masculinity has made its way into our current society. This is by portraying a man as a person who uses nicotine as a way to show his wealth and strength. The major reason for this is that our media shows men and women using all kinds of drugs by putting a tiny disclaimer on the side. Most people can’t even read it and think they are done with their responsibilities.

Being a media person, you carry a lot of burden on your shoulder; if you have any addiction, it has been reflected on people in youth. You cannot stop them, or you can’t say it’s our life we have some privacy we can do whatever we want! Gah! But you are actually directly or indirectly influencing their immature minds.

The reasons above are the major reasons for addiction in our youth. There are also many other factors, like peer pressure and depression, the company they have, trying to act cool, etc.

What we can do is keep a check on the people we are related to, maybe they need us. Our celebrities carry tremendous responsibility, before doing something they must think. Or keep it in privacy and most important before being a part of any group. Do check that if their acts are coming in crash with your scale of morality.

Drug use is not cool.

It is actually ugly for you and your country. You may feel relaxed for some time, but it takes your entire future out of your hand, just like sand sliding from between your fingers.

Article by Asra Waseem
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