Here’s What Will Happen If Men Were To Be Wedded Off As Compared To Women!

When a couple ties the knot, change in their lives is evident. From the surname of the wife to sharing the bed, everything, on both sides of the coin changes.

You might not agree with this, but lives of women change the most after marriage. I bet that all of a sudden it is not easy to use someone else’s washroom and their commode…

It is not about changing duties, like men doing what women do and vice versa. So if the tables were turned it was the husband who was wedded off to the wife’s home, what would the situation look like? :’)

We Would Actually See Some Real Men Crying During Ruksaati

They will obviously be leaving their home and their family with whom they spent their entire lifetime with.

I, for one, am always intrigued when it comes to seeing men being emotional because such moments are extremely emotional. Imagine what the atmosphere would be like if men start crying during their viddai because they’ll miss their family, their room and their life…

Saas/Sasur-Damad K Jhagray

The spotlight won’t be on the woman now. For a change, how awesome would it be to see men getting some beatin’ from their saas and dealing with all the tannay and indirect taunts? Must be a treat to watch…

Adjusting In A New Room, A New Bed, And A New Washroom…

At this point, some guy may wonder about the change they go through as well. Well, the only change there is that they have to share their bed with someone. For women, it is about the entire setting – a new house, a new room and a new bed. Maybe men need to have a taste of this medicine as well, right?

Dealing With The Talk Of The Rishtedaar

It is usually the men who get away with all the pointless talk our relatives usually comment. Maybe in an another universe, it will be the husbands who would have to deal with the drama created by desi relatives…

Bringing Jaheiz For Shaadi

The ‘price’ our society puts on adding a woman to their family is unbelievable. Maybe when men are wedded off, they can also buy their way to the hearts of the family members by bringing a decent amount of dowry, right?

This article is just a light way of highlighting what a lot of women in our society go through due to their in-laws. Try to understand their situation by putting yourself in their shoes for once.

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