10 Men Skincare Tips That Will Come Very Handy This Summer!

men skin care tips

With summer on top of us, we need to start taking care of our skin. We struggled the entire winters trying to not let our skin go dry, but summer is where we need to look after it the most. If you live in a tropical city as I do you know how easy it is for you to break out during the summers. Especially with all of the dirt floating around in the air. You go out for an hour and bam you have two new pimples. No one wants a zit face as their date. Men skincare tips floating about, but the majority are too hard to do.

That is why I am here to give my fellow men some skin care tips that they can use to remain fresh this summer.

Use a hydrating face wash in the morning

Facewash has to be the most underrated thing on this planet I mean the things you can do with one simple bottle. Here are the facts, the hydrating facewash is refreshing, it cleans your pores, moisturizes your skin and makes you look younger. These are just the things that it would do right there and then. After a week you will start seeing major results when the barista of the coffee shop you visit every morning compliments your skin!

Wash your face throughout the day

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You probably wash your face as you wake up and then refrain from it. Until you get back home from work or school. Well, I am here to tell you that when you are exposed to all the dirt and wind, it is best if you start washing your face throughout the day as well. Washing your face with even just water cleans a lot of dirt off of your face and allows your skin to breathe. The longer the dirt stays on your face the more damage it can cause. So remember to wash your face.

Drink more water

One of the first things I notice in people with bad skin is that they drink little to no water. Water is the most important thing if you want to have good skin. It keeps your skin moisturized and also stops the zits and pimples from breaking out. Water also keeps your skin energized and keeps your body hydrated. Which in turn makes you feel better and more motivated. So, drinking water is not only good for your skin but for your overall health as well.

Don’t touch your face

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No matter how clean you think your hands are, they are not. Your hands carry more germs than anything attached to your body. That is why when you scratch your face or touch it for some reason you start getting zits. So, the first order of good skin is to stop touching your face.

Apply sunscreen

You might argue that sunscreens smell and they make your skin worse. Ahh! Now that’s where you are wrong my friend. We live in a magical era where science has made everything better, which also includes sunscreens. 35 is all the SPF you need and a lot of moisturizers have that in them. These are called sunscreen/moisturizers. So, pick any which has at least 35 SPF and boom you are golden and ready to soak in some sun.

Use an ance face cream

You are probably tired of hearing advice from people. Use this use that. Well, I’ll tell you something easy and simple. Using just face wash and moisturizers aren’t enough if you have acne prone skin. There are a lot of good creams for acne that guys can use. Yes! these creams are not limited to just women, so use them you savage. You have to find a cream that suits you. So, it will take time to get the clear skin you want. Firstly you need to identify what skin type you are. I don’t mean dark or light, I mean oily, dry or combination. After you know your skin type then you have to try creams. Some might make your acne worse so that is a price to pay for better skin. But once you get your cream on lockdown, it will be clear skin all the way.

Avoid Greasy and Oily foods

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People avoid this point a lot. Good skin doesn’t just come by pampering your face. It comes by not feeding yourself crap. If you consume fast food and junk food a lot and complain about your bad skin; NEWS FLASH, STOP EATING JUNK. The sooner you incorporate good foods in your diet the sooner you will get better skin. Good foods include leafy greens, various proteins, and olive oil.

Consume Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the most important for your skin. Fruits have water in them and hydration is the key ingredient for good skin. Vegetables have various forms of vitamins and nutrients that promote healthier skin. In summer times eat watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, and pineapple. In vegetables, eat sweet potatoes, green beans, and eggplant.

Fix your Vitamin E and C intake

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Fixing your vitamin E and C intake has to be the utmost priority. Your skin is a part of your body. It gets nutrients from inside your body. So, you need to stop treating it as something external. Vitamin E and C are important for your skin to glow and stay young. So instead of using their creams eating them through foods, gain them through supplements. Start by eating multivitamins every day. After that, try eating almonds and hazelnuts throughout your day for Vitamin E and eat papaya and peaches for Vitamin C. You can also find both of their supplements at your local pharmacy easily.

Use an exfoliating facewash after your day

Lastly, after you head home from being out all day you need to cleanse your face. You need to get rid of all that dirt and dead skin you have. So, before turning in for the night exfoliate your face with an exfoliating face wash and then put on some moisturizers that are not a sunscreen as well and then sleep.

If you do all of this and sleep for at least 8 hours a day, I promise you, you will have the skin of a baby.

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