This Guy Shares How He Was Rejected Based On His Sect And People Started Showing How Our Society Is!

Relationships, proposals, marriage, coming together of two people, it’s nature’s way of carrying on the form of life. In Pakistan, marriage is considered sacred. A bond that two people will share for life, through thick and thin, better or for worse. However, who decides on making this bond and who decides that who is to get rejected? Is it backed by the claim that Joriyan Asmano Per Banti Hain’ or is it actually in the hands of humans?

There are two forms of marriage in Pakistan, the bond is either arranged or it comes on the back of a relationship blossomed with love. The only thing that hurts as much as a bad marriage is the gutting feeling that comes after a marriage rejection. We know all about how women are said not to for different reasons in Pakistan but have you ever wondered how men get rejected?



Thus, this guy @kahayfaqeer brings you men sharing their experience and knowledge of how rejections are faced by everyone. You will be shocked and surprised to know why these beautiful guys were deprived of who they wanted to be with…

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Source: Twitter/@kahayfaqeer

Source: Twitter/@kahayfaqeer

Men share their experiences of how they were rejected for different reasons

All these are real people who shared real time experiences of what they or somebody they know went through, because hey, nobody’s perfect, right? Ours is a society that fails to accept the taboos we live in, and when the issue is voiced, we say that it doesn’t exist.

Yes, we might be living in a patriarchal society but have you ever looked at the parallel paradigm of this system? How men are undermined for not being ‘ABSOLUTELY PERFECT’ in every way and how they are rejected due to reasons that seldom matter in the long run! How do you plan on finding a rich, handsome, educated and a million other attributed guy at the tender age of 25, when he is just starting his life?

We will stay here, breaking different taboos of our society. For now, all we can say is that every coin has two sides.

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