‘Side Mai Rok Rickshaw’ – Men On Bike Shamelessly Stalk & Harass A Girl In Karachi

men stalk harass girl karachi

By the courtesy of men in our society, the trauma of harassment has seeped into every Pakistani woman’s life. The mindset that women are weak and incapable of speaking out has sown the seeds of harassment. Here is yet another harassment story where some men stalk and harass a girl in Metropolitan city Karachi.

Street harassment, irrespective of age and dressing, is experienced by every other woman in the country. The fact that they are women and on the road is enough for them to be harassed. The same happened with a girl traveling in a rickshaw in Karachi when a group of men decided to stalk and harass her.

men karachi stalk
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Taking to Facebook, the victim shared her ordeal. “So I kinda need your help with this one kindly share and spread this as much as you can cause I am still shaking to my core by only the thought of it,” she started off with pictures and videos of the incident. The guys followed her throughout the Sharah-e-Faisal. While she was in auto, they kept laughing, smiling, whistling, and catcalling.

After getting teary and scared, she decided to make their videos. “One of them came back and got closer and commented “ghar walon ko dhikaogi kia video [will you show it your family?]” smiled and went away (which you can see in the video).”

‘Video kion bana rahi hai?’

While she relaxed for a moment, she raised her phone again as they approached her. After that, the same guy who had gotten close before started hitting on the rickshaw while shouting. He kept calling out the rickshaw driver “side mein rokh rikshaw, side mein rokh tu rikshaw [stop the rickshaw]”.

Moreover, he also yelled at her, “video kyun bana rahi hai? Video kyun bana rahi hai. Kya samajh rahi hai [why are you making videos?]”.

“I got numbed but I did not stop the video,” she added. “Luckily the auto driver was smart enough to not stop. When we reached the traffic police station at the end of the Sharah-e-Faisal road, he stopped there and he called out the guy loudly so he went away with his friends for good [sic].”

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Women in Pakistan are destined to face different types of issues and undergo all sorts of human rights violations. Last month too, a girl riding a bike on Faisal Town Road in Islamabad was harassed by a few boys on the bike.

Last year, Samar Khan was on her daily route of biking around Islamabad. She was going on about her business when a man came from behind her and groped her with his hand. After touching, the man rode away on his motorbike. 

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