After the Heart-Wrenching #MeToo Stories, Men Admitted to Harassment with #HowWillIChange

If you are active on social media, you must have seen the recent hashtag which took the social media world by storm – #MeToo.

Women from all around the world were sharing their awful experiences by gathering all the guts and courage they had. They share the horrific stories of being harassed, of being sexually or/and physically assaulted and what not. Words cannot begin to explain the feeling of our fellow women who had to experience such traumatic events.

Women Didn’t Muster all the Courage to Seek Attention – They Came Out, Shared the Horrible Past and Allowed Other Women to Speak Up

Just Imagine…

While women shared such heartbreaking stories, a number of men shared their views about it. A few, yet notable ones who stood up the most were those men who realized the damage their gender has caused to women by centuries.

It Started with an Australian Writer Benjamin Law Calling Out for Change Under the #HowWillIChange Hashtag

How a Decent Amount of Men Showed their Devotion Towards this Proves how this World Really can Change for Women

A lot of these responses came around from international users of social media and hardly anything from the locals.

Regardless of that, this is indeed the first of many steps – hopefully.

Hope this Trashy Talk Ends

How it Really Should Be!

It starts from within – those who understand the things men have done to women would know how the change in the attitude is much needed. While they might not have harmed any woman, they may have contributed towards someone else’s behavior.

It takes a sane person to admit the wrongdoings happening in the world.

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