Twitter Erupts With ‘Funny Memes’ Over Senate Secret Camera Controversy

Senate Cameras

Voting for electing the Senate chairman and the deputy began on Friday amid an uproar over some “hidden” cameras found at the polling booth earlier in the day.

The opposition members claimed that “secret cameras” were installed inside the polling booth. They termed it against Article-226 of the Constitution.

Taking to Twitter, PPP’s Mustafa Nawaz Khokar tweeted a picture saying, “Musadik [Malik] found spy camera right over the polling booth.”

However, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said the camera looked “more like a CCTV cable.”

In another tweet, he shared an “example” of a spy camera.

And, then Khokhar found these and yeah, LOL!

What! Did Chaudhry help the opposition Google some stuff?

Meanwhile, Musadik Malik tweeted, “What a freaking joke. The Senate polling booth has secret /hidden cameras installed. SO MUCH FOR DEMOCRACY.”

‘A comedy of errors’

Twitter was in fits over their exchange. Many shared their two cents on the matter and we bring you the best ones!

Meanwhile, Information Minister Shibli Faraz addressed a press conference. He vowed to investigate the matter and “expose” the opposition.

“Even though they are thieves, they want to portray themselves as the victims. We will uncover who was behind this. How did they know that cameras were present? They did it themselves,” said Faraz.

Meanwhile, the presiding officer directed the formation of a committee comprising to hold an inquiry into the “secret cameras” or “spy gadgets” matter.

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