Pakistanis Are Making Memes about Feroze Khan and His Wife which Are Going Insanely Viral

Feroze Khan’s wedding has been in the limelight for days now. It’s normal for celebrities to amass public attention when they are getting married. But this one took a toll on everyone and some of these people seem to forget basic morals.

A simple wedding, a private affair, as thought by Feroze and his family, became an insanely viral public affair after his fans and followers made it a hot topic on social media. On a bitter note, many of these people cannot stop bashing his wife, Aliza. They cannot stop judging her in all ways and the outpour of hate is shocking!

Where comments seem to not stop, people started making viral makes about the couple, mainly bashing his wife Aliza. It’s shocking to even think what bothers people to stoop down to such a level.

Here are all the viral memes about Feroze Khan and his wife:

Dabbay ke moun waali? Tch tch tch


What in the world?


Roti khul gayi? Khana khul gaya!

Humor and banter aside, no one has any right to disrespect anyone in any way for any matter. People on social media can be very harsh and they do not realize how it could go down for a person who has been targeted by all sorts of trolls.

Feroze Khan and Aliza are a wonderful couple and we only wish the best for them. People should refrain from mocking them, using names or criticising in any way.

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