Billi (Mehwish Hayat) Dances To The Tunes Of Her Sister (Afsheen Hayat)

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is back with the bang again! Mehswish Hayat featured in the video of her Sister’s newly released song ‘Alsai’. We remember Mehwish Hayat’s brilliant performance in the item song ‘Billi’ in the blockbuster movie Na Maloom Afraad and people wanted to see more of her moves. Mehwish Hayat didn’t disappoint her fans and immediately decided to feature in the song’s video that too of her sister Afsheen Hayat. In the ‘Billi’ it was only her alone, but in ‘Alsai’ fans can get to see not only the smoky Mehwish Hayat but her sister Afsheen Hayat as well who is seen singing the song and Mehwish doing the superb dance.

Mehwish Hayat earned a huge fame after acting in Pakistani Soap dramas. Then, Mehwish Hayat took a daring step to perform an Item Number for Pakistani Movie which made her the leading Item Number girl in the Pakistani Film Industry. Mehwish Hayat couldn’t wait for long to get an other offer for Item Number so she decided to work for her sister’s video song. Afsheen’s song is a typically a subcontinent’s pop tune which has not much appeal but it’s the Mehwish Hayat’s stardom and energetic dance moves that picks the song up. The song doesn’t have much story in it rather it gives vibes of old Pakistani songs of 1960’s but it’s much talked about in the audience because of the sizzling dance of Mehwish Hayat. In the second half of the song, Mehwish Hayat is seen wearing luscious outfit which reminds of Katrina Kaif wearing in the song ‘Kamli’ in Dhoom 3. Does Mehwish Hayat wants to be known as Pakistani Katrina Kaif? Well that the time will tell.  Mehwish Hayat’s love for item numbers shows that the trend of Item Numbers is growing in the Pakistani Films and Pakistani video songs and may be we will get to see more of Mehiwsh Hayat’s ‘Thumkas’ in the coming days.




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