Mehwish Hayat Schools Filmmakers In an Interview With Sky News

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Pakistani celebrities have been actively vocal regarding social issues nowadays. One of these woke celebrities is Mehwish Hayat. The actress does not refrain from talking about any issue that has a negative effect on society. She has been using her outspread influence for the cause of goodwill. And her influence goes across the borders as she has a huge fan base nationally and internationally.

Mehwish Hayat Proving All The Criticism Wrong

People were criticizing her for being given Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. But ever since then we have been seeing her become even more worthy of it. She is representing the nation in the most dignified way making the nation proud of her. She has been proving the nation that the decision of the government to give her Tamgha-e-Imtiaz wasn’t baseless.

So, recently the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz girl spoke up against Bollywood and Hollywood in an event in Oslo. According to the megastar, the film industries have been portraying Pakistanis in the wrong light. As anyone who might have seen Money Heist would have noticed. All the hackers doing the illegal job for the thieves were Pakistanis. Anyway, based on the stir she created with this statement Sky News called Mehwish Hayat to a morning show named as ‘Sunrise’.

On this show, Mehwish elaborated her stance very clearly sharing the intended meaning of her statement. She shared the clip from the show on her profile on Instagram. The ‘Load Wedding’ actress expressed her feeling of gratitude for being able to share the message of her nation on such a platform where her nation to the world.

Blames Filmmakers For Misconception About Pakistanis

Mehwish Hayat explains how films and cinema have the power to alter the mindsets of people all over the world. Regardless of the what nation they belong to. If a nation is shown to be thieves or terrorists in the movies then most likely the people would start seeing them in that light. “Films and cinema actually have the power to build attitudes and mindsets,” said Mehwish on the show at Sky News.

This is actually a big social issue that we Pakistanis haven’t protested against since a very long. It has been harming the image of our nation little by little and we are still gladly watching their movies. Showing a nation as backward terrorists or showing them as villains in the movie every time, is a deliberate move to spoil the image of a nation. Not only Pakistanis but many other nations have also been a target of this move.

Mehwish Hayat’s interview with Sky News was the first step in bringing this social change. And we are proud that Mehwish used the platform in bringing this issue to light.

“When I travel, the general misconception is ‘Oh so you belong to a terrorist country.”

And none of us would disagree because she’s not alone in this. Every Pakistan at some point might have been a victim of the same misconception.

But what Mehwish Hayat demands is not a false positive image of Pakistani’s but a true one. A non-biased one. To learn from the first-hand experience and then share that image with the world. Instead of blindly tagging Pakistanis as from the country of terrorists.

The gangster guriya also penned an opinion piece to CNN mentioning Priyanka Chopra’s hypocrisy. Giving a shut-up call by calling a valid question against her own conflicted views venting wasn’t a decent move. Plus supporting a war being an ambassador of goodwill at UNICEF triggered a lot of Pakistanis. Mehwish Hayat also played her role in calling out the wrong like she always does.

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