WATCH: Mehwish Hayat Slams The Fan Who Attempted To Wrap His Arms Around Her

Mehwish Hayat

Having the status of a celebrity certainly comes with a bag of pros and cons. One of the many cons is that fans have the tendency to forget that celebrities are also humans, with personal boundaries, and that those boundaries must be respected. Actor Mehwish Hayat lately decided to highlight this issue.

The Load Wedding actor was present at a meet-and-greet in Houston, Texas where many fans lined up to take photos. One fan, however, went a little too further by trying to wrap his arms around Hayat’s back. But he was pushed away by the CEO of HUM FM, Rehan Siddiqi.

Image: Instagram

The peculiar incident was shared by a fan page on Instagram and was reposted by the actor. Hayat wrote that she was not aware of the incident. She went on to thank Siddiqi for his gesture and for having her back, quite literally.

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Describing Siddiqi as a “gentleman,” the actor wrote that people should learn “what being a true gentleman is all about” from him. Siddiqi re-shared Hayat’s story and said, “some people need to earn manners of meet-and-greet when around women.”

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It is quite unfortunate that many fans tend to believe celebrities are ‘public property,’ which subsequently leads them to believe that they have the right to do whatever they please to them. In Hayat’s case, just because a celebrity is standing next to you does not mean you have the right to wrap your arms around her or get too close.

Here is the video of the incident

While we do not know what the fan’s intention was, everyone needs to remember that celebrities are entitled to their personal space. If you want to get closer to a celebrity, it would be best to ask for their consent first. After all, everyone deserves to be respected.

Another con of having the status of a celebrity is people around you taking photographs and recording you without your consent. No matter where they go, personal space may be difficult for them to maintain.

Actors Saboor Aly was recently recorded dancing at a private family event along with her husband Ali Ansari. The Ishq Mein Kafir actor took to social media to call out people recording the two without their consent. 

We wish people prioritized the concepts of privacy, personal space, and consent because celebrities are human beings first with boundaries of their own.

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