Mehwish Hayat Receives Chocolaty Good Vibes From A Mysterious Secret Admirer

While the year 2020 has been pretty hard on us, there is someone who is secretly sending Mehwish Hayat some good vibes before the year finally ends.

The news has been doing rounds on social media that recently Mehwish Hayat was sent an insanely tempting Chocolate Bouquet along with Chocolate Scented Candles, with a note that said:

‘’2020 has been hard on us, but take it easy and chill in a chocolaty stride. Sending some good vibes your way! Enjoy!’’

But who is the anonymous sender, even Mehwish Hayat is curious to know!

Mehwish was taken aback by the grand chocolate surprise, and she has asked the mystery fan to come forward.

We are excited and staying tuned to Mehwish Hayat’s profile to find out who is the mystery fan. Let’s hope the suspense ends soon!

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