Mehwish Hayat Features In Abrar ul Haq’s ‘Chamkeeli’ With Shahveer!

abrar ul haq chamkeeli

There are some lost legendary Pakistani singers that the whole nation wants to hear again. One of them is Abrar ul Haq. He recently made an appearance in Coke Studio with his iconic song ‘Billo de ghar’. Everyone was rocking their heads to its beat. After which people started having the urge to hearing more from the singer.

Well, the good news is he’s coming up with another song ‘Chamkeeli’ featuring megastar Mehwish Hayat and vlogger Shahveer Jaffery. Abrar ul Haq announced the news of his upcoming track with a few glimpses of it too. We could see Mehwish Hayat and Shahveer Jaffery in the video clip that Abrar ul Haq posted on his Twitter account.

Abrar Ul Haq New Song Mahwish Hayat

From what we’ve seen it looks like another iconic wedding song that will be played in the halls every day during the wedding season. In the music video, Mehwish Hayat is wearing a heavy bridal dress while Shahveer is wearing a sherwani looking more or less like a typical Pakistani groom.

Despite the fact that the song is set to release this year on the 7th of December,  its teaser has already created some real hype making the song a highly awaited one.

The caption of the singer said, “Are you guys ready for the new wedding song of the year? My new song Chamkeeli is releasing on 7th December, Featuring Mehwish Hayat and Shahveer Jaffery.”

In the teaser, Abrar ul Haq is consoling the groom that is Shahveer Jaffery, the way mothers do on the ruksati of their daughters. Mehwish Hayat is rampaging all over the place while Abrar ul Haq protects him behind his back. This concept is actually hilarious because on weddings usually, the women are the ones being told that their life is about to be changed while it changes men’s life equally.  Shahveer seems to be the victim of Mehwish’s dominant nature.

However, it also may be taken as the negative perception that people have developed about the strong, educated women of today that they are so dominating that men have to be scared of them. And casting Mehwish to play the bride highlights the likeliness of this being the main concept of the video as she is one of the strongest women of the industry.

Shahveer Jaffery also posted the poster of the song on his profile saying, “It was wonderful getting married to you (Mehwish Hayat).”

The post by Shahveer was made 6 weeks ago, long before Abrar ul Haq announced the release of the song. So, the poster actually put people in a trance thinking Shahveer and Mahwish were now a thing. But then they were also reminded that Shahveer has played a prank on them regarding his marriage in the past too. Well, people are loving the pair anyways.

Anyhow, one thing is for sure that this song is going to become the wedding song of this season. After all, it’s Abrar was the one who gave us the previous wedding anthem ‘Nach Punjaban’.

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