Mehwish Hayat Does Her First Item Number in Na Maloom Afraad – This First Look Will Blow Your Mind.

Mehwish Hayat item number

Being talked about is Mehwish Hayat, lately all over Pakistan for her latest act in the upcoming film, NA MALOOM AFRAAD that is yet to be released. So, how is this “Item Song” different?

We all know who is famous for the item numbers and yes it is Bollywood and as the pictures suggest below, the setting of the Mehwish Hayat Item Song is no different. Dressed in Choli / Ghagra Mehwish Hayat has rocked the world of many in Pakistan and hence her sexy physique in the item song is the most awaited in Pakistan.

Dancing on the wooden floor in the middle of many nude men, Mehwish Hayat’s Item Number has received a lot of mixed reviews. Some of the Pakistani community consider it to be despicable and finds it to be a very erupting case in Pakistani society. But is it not hot?

Mehwish Hayat Item Number

Mehwish Hayat Item Number Pictures

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