This Wadere Ka Beta Is Giving An Open Challenge To Ali Gul Pir With His Real Life Protocol

A handful of years ago, Pakistani skit artist and comedian Ali Gul Pir came up with a sensational idea when he released the video of ‘Wadere Ka Beta’, which went viral all across the world, not just Pakistan. The video showcased the elite mindset and VIP protocol that follows with being a wadera.

It seems that Ali Gul Pir’s demonstration of the common Sindhi ‘wadera’ is being used as inspiration even today. This young fellow is being trolled all around social media for filming his own version, which many labeled as ‘cringe-worthy’.

However, the thing which surprised many is the latest version of this wadere ka beta who can be seen swaying to the beat along with police mobiles and policemen standing around him. People are saying that after watching the video, many would be encouraged to make similar videos and revive the dead trend, and one could easily hire such policemen for only Rs.500 to make a video.

Unfortunately, the VIP culture has been transferred to the future generation by our politicians. Their obedient sons are enjoying their rights with great zeal. Let us never forget the brutal murder of Shahzeb Khan by the people of the same clan, waderas!

These boys who have used policemen for shooting this ‘real life video’, what are their next steps in life? Enjoying their parents’ protocol movements, they literally jam whichever area they pass through, we’ve seen it all and now we’ll have more amazing things to see.

Source: facebook

Source: facebook

In 2015, when 10 months old Bisma died at the gate of Civil Hospital Karachi because Bilawal Bhutto was there for the inauguration of the medical center, after few days Imran Khan announced that KPK will introduce a permanent ban on VIP protocol. The PTI Chieftain strictly condemned the VIP culture in his speeches many times.

“If you are so afraid to die, then stay home,” said the PTI chief to those demanding protocol fearing for their lives. He also claimed that the police should not get themselves involved in politics. But after watching the protocol of his renowned party member, Faisal Vadwa, during a formal motorbike ride in Karachi, I’m not in a surprise like others.

It seems that the VIP culture is back out of nowhere and is ready to grip its feet in Karachi again. For now, let us flash our memories of the videos we’ve just seen.

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