Meet the Pakistani Twins Who Are Taking The Instagram By Storm

Meet The Pakistani Twins Who Are Taking The Instagram By Storm

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Book lovers and twins, Aqsa and Tuba from Islamabad are spreading their love for literature through Instagram! Going by the name @thenerdtwins  on Instagram, these twins post pictures of exotic teas and lovely bookstores. They have loads in store for you.

Meet Aqsa and Tuba

While there aren’t many Pakistanis who understand and appreciate the beauty of literature, there are a few who still do. Two months ago, Junaid Akram bought several books unavailable in Pakistan from Abu Dhabi for his fans. We loved it. These twins are next in line!

We reached out to them on Instagram for a chat and found out a bit about them.

The bookstagram account started as a simple account to showcase their love for books. We were told that their friends always teased them about taking too many pictures of tea and books whenever they were eating out with friends. So they decided to create a platform for it.

It quickly became popular, with over 2k followers in one month. Soon enough, they started getting contacted by tea companies who wanted to display their teas of the thenerdtwins blog! They also have several giveaways lined up for book lovers in collaboration with a few bookstores.

Tea Lovers

Jane Austen and some tea ☕️ #books #bookstagram

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Twins fascinate us all. Thenerdtwins know that. In fact, their Instagram inbox is flooded with questions about being twins and praises for how alike they look. They plan on eventually answering all queries. Since they get so many repetitions, they will start a question and answer marathon where followers will have their questions answered in picture captions so everyone can be enlightened!

We can’t wait to see what will happen next. Follow them on Instagram for some spectacular twinning and book pictures!

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