Meet The Most Hated Guy On Instagram! His Photos Will Make You Hate Him Too! (18+)

Meet Travers Beynon a.k.a Candyman is the most hated man on Instagram. He is an Australian millionaire and tobacco tycoon who follows the footsteps of pop-culture icons such as Hugh Hefner. His Instagram account candyshopmansion is famous for all the wrong reasons and rightly so. Any sensible person would find these images completely disgusting!

He believes in this quote “Be different, Be yourself…never let them change you!!!”

…even if you are a douche bag, right?

Well, it would be no less than a shock to see people getting charmed by his idea of life, but for us his Instagram account is just hate worthy!

Here’s why…

1. He Is Way Too Self Obsessed…

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (1)most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (15)

2. He Uses Women To Gain Popularity!

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (3)

3. He Is A Narcissist

It’s Never About The Team, It’s Always All About Him! 

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (4)

4. He Objectifies Women To The Next Degree!

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (5)

 most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (7)most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (8)most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (2)

6. He Is The Biggest Show Off On The Face Of This Planet!

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (6)most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (9)

7. His Stunts Are Absolutely Childish And Stupid!

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (10)most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (13)

8.Once A Douche, Always A Douche!

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (11)

9. Apparently, The Dog Has A Better Personality Than Him

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (12)

10. Are These His Bitc*es?most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (14) most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (16)most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (18)

11. Oh, No! They Are His Family!

most-hated-man-on-instagram-parhlo (17)

Is this how you treat your family? Seriously? Man you need to rush to a rehab, like seriously!

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