Meet Talha Ahmad - Boy On A Quest To Change Dreams Into Reality

Meet Talha Ahmad – Boy On A Quest To Change Dreams Into Reality

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Who Is Talha Ahmad?

I am a dreamer and on my quest to change them into reality. I believe I can make it a reality and it’s this belief which keeps me motivated towards my goals and ambitions. I will turn eighteen this November. I am an A level student as of now and looking to pursue a career in engineering in the years ahead. Cricket is my favorite sports and by favorite I mean that I am totally a cricket freak. I also write for  CricMatez. I like to listen to romantic and old songs, mostly Urdu. Ahh! Well you may think I am old fashioned and all but well that’s what I am. In the near future I want to serve my country and humanity in any way possible.

What inspired me to start this page?

I have observed the people around me a lot in the past few years. Honestly many do not know what reality is and that is the reason many of them destroy their  futures. My aim is to spread positive thoughts around that is why I come up with a page Wise Words 101. I think it is very good to contribute to the society in a good way.

Why should people like it?

This page mainly aims to spread positive thoughts. It will be dedicated mostly to inspire and motivate people. The aim is to awaken the people and make them learn something every day. In simple words I want to contribute to the world in a good way. On an ending note, I have dreams and I am hundred percent dedicated to make them a reality.

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