Meet Shaan Mansoor – A 15-Year-Old Boy Who Is Ready To Entertain You With His Snapchat Videos!

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A few months back, a 15-year-old boy name SHAAN MANSOOR started making videos on Snapchat. At first, many people demotivated him and made fun of him although he mentioned that he is making videos for entertaining purpose. In his videos, he represents his daily life in such a cool way that people start liking his videos even more.

Shaan mentions great messages which are inspiring youngsters. He used to discuss Pakistan as well and discuss the beauty of the people of our beloved country, Pakistan. And later on, his friends started supporting him.

All of his friends started encouraging his talent. Shaan was answerable in his videos to his friends who mentioned that he is copying someone else’s style. In simple words: “SHAAN IS NOT COMING SLOW.”  With great confidence, Shaan has started making his videos.

We all should appreciate new talent. Not only his friends but one of Pakistan’s rising vlogger, Irfaan Junejo wished him good luck as well. Although Shaan is very much inspired by Irfan Junejo’s videos, he doesn’t intend to copy him. To be very honest, watching his videos.

The way he speaks and the way he entertains is so good. His way of expressing his thoughts in beautiful words is so amazing. You all should have a look at his videos. Follow him on Instagram and Snapchat.

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