Meet Rameesha – Her Journey From A ‘Failed Marriage’ To Becoming An ‘Athlete’ Will Inspire You!

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Pakistan is a country for married women where a divorcee or a widow brings about tremendous misfortune upon herself. But Rameesha Adil Khan fought all the obstacles and became the power-lifting gold-medalist from Lahore Division. Rameesha has a failed marriage but she is an amazing athlete.

Khan’s story began like every other desi girl. She got married at a young age, unable to complete her education. Unfortunately, her marriage lasted for 11 years, and she could not have any kids. But instead of following the superstitious rituals told by neighborhood aunties, Khan decided to take control of her own life and decided to end her marriage.

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She soon realized that she was not the kind of girl who could push her life behind and confine herself to marriage, kitchen, and kids. She gathered up courage groomed herself, and got a job on her skills to become a fitness trainer, filed a divorce, gave her intermediate exams, held up her head high, and walked through every difficulty with a smile on her face.

Unlike most girls, Khan had a craze for weight-lifting since her childhood. She has been in this field for 10 years now. Started simply as a gym member, after seeing her passion, her lady coach encouraged her to become a fitness trainer.

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Soon, she joined the same gym as the fitness coach after getting the certificate and passing the practical test. It was her first job ever and it proved to be a turning point for her.

A true inspiration!

And, today here she is a GOLD MEDALIST! Khan did 100kg squats and 115kgs deadlifts on the district level and won the gold. Her next aim is to represent Pakistan internationally. Rameesha has a failed marriage but this gold medalist athlete is a pure gem of our country.

“So this happened yesterday! Won the Inter Division Powerlifting Championship representing Lahore! Baray lohay uthai to achieve this. Finally, this is the outcome of your coaching!! You guys pushed me every time when I was falling, always guided me, and made me believe that I could do this. Thank you so much for believing in me. Now you guys know what is our next target,” her Instagram post read.

She added, “Let’s get back to lohay chukkna! And the most important person with whom I started my journey in the fitness field Mehreen, my very first coach. She was actually the one who pushed me into this. Thank you Allah for surrounding me with people who always lift me up. Alhamdulillah.”

From 11 years of marriage without any kids to divorce to opting for a career not considered suitable for women, and winning a gold medal in weight-lifting, Khan is a true depiction of women empowerment.

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