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rabeeta abbas youngest author

At the moment, 500 million+ people go to bed hungry in Asia alone. The combined statistics of the world are way more.

Have you ever felt the need to contribute towards the betterment of this world? Not many people practically step forward, and an even lesser percentage of people use their talents to do so. And we believe those who do, deserve to be appreciated.

Meet Rabeeta Abbas, among many, the youngest author of Pakistan who is also a poet and professional writer. She has co-authored two international anthologies previously. Both of these anthologies were dedicated to planting a billion trees.

rabeeta abbas
Rabeeta Abbas – File Photo

Earlier this year, she published a dystopian fiction book, Dead By Sunrise, to generate funds to support my campaign of feeding the hungry.

Dead By Sunrise is a dystopian-fiction  story compilation of a post-pandemic novelette and two flash fictions. All three stories in the book are different from each other.

rabeeta author
Dead By Sunrise – Book Cover

The first story, named Picture Perfect, is a post-pandemic novelette with a twisted plot revolving around government conspiracies. It narrates a tale about how the future after the Global Pandemic seemingly ends might look like, ending with the protagonist trying to unravel the mystery of the virus dying.

The flash-fictions are titled Product Specifications and Hit and Run, respectively. Product Specifications is about human trafficking and kidnapping. On the other hand, Hit and Run deals with the fear of abandonment and includes mention of drugs and a case of suicide.

Note: Dead by Sunrise is a charity project. Every purchase will feed the poor, saving a soul from going to bed hungry.

Primary Purpose of Writing Dead By Sunrise

We live in a world where suffering continues to increase and helping hands continue to back out every day. However, right now, we need more people to step forward than ever. She believes that as a citizen of this world, every individual should step forward to help those in need.

The Global Pandemic served as a breaking point for her, and she felt the need to contribute towards a better future. Rabeeta realized that writing is the only empowering tool she had. Hence, she moved forward with formulating a book to dedicate to charity. The reason behind writing a book and not creating a GoFundMe charity campaign instead was that she wanted to create a neverending cycle and not a finite campaign.

She hopes that as long as the book continues to sell, it will continue to feed someone. And that is also her mission: to continue to help as many people as I can through her art. “Those who need entertainment stay entertained, and those who need to survive, keep surviving,” she further explained.

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