Meet Irtaza Qadeer, a Lahori who Traveled all the Way to Karachi on a Cycle!

Just yesterday we were all buzzing about the family who traveled to the North of Pakistan in a motorbike. Seeing how the Pakistani community is filled traveling fanatics, everyone wants to do something which separates them from others.

Making traveling more fun than it already is, a 20-year-old Lahori decided to travel all across another province of Pakistan by using a cycle as the means of transportation. Interestingly, he finished the entire journey in just 14 days!

Additional to this exciting adventure, what makes this worth all the raise is that he is a student who decided to do something adventurous. Given how the generation of today doesn’t leave social groups and wishes to travel on different means, Irtaza proved otherwise.

Irtaza Qadeer – a Student from Lahore Who Went to Karachi on his Cycle!

The journalism student from Beaconhouse National University started his journey from China Border. Before his current trip to Karachi on a cycle, Irtaza traveled from Lahore to Islamabad last year using the same means of transportation. This inspired him to dream big, leading to the idea of traveling to another province.

His passion for cycling rose from a young age and he continues pursuing it. Last year when Irtaza traveled from Islamabad to the Hill Station Muree, he discovered how biking through hilly, mountainous areas is not so difficult as he imagined.

Covering in six days, Irtaza first went from Lahore to Islamabad and then to China Border on a cycle. He then went back to Islamabad and from that point, he started his fulfilling his dream of visiting Karachi, which he finished in eight days.

The lad continues dreaming big as he plans to visit other countries of the world on a cycle. Wishing all the best to Irtaza for his future goals and dreams!



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