Meet Hassaan Baig – A 19-Year-Old Guy Who Has Stunned Everyone With His Music Video!

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Hassan Baig, 19-year-old boy stunned everyone with his debut music video of the song ‘Jab se’ that he made all by himself. The lyrics of the song and cinematography were all the reflection of his talent. Singing, producing, composing, editing and color grading credits, all go to him! It’s also worth mentioning that Hasaan’s music video was shot at the famous Rohtas Fort. 

More about Hassaan Baig!

“I was 9 months old when I got my hands on a piano and started playing it when I was like 4 or 5. I would play national songs on it and at around the age of 7, I could play any song on the piano. All self-taught! And that was also the age when I actually started singing. I have a pic of me trying to play the piano at 9 months old. Singing has always been my passion. It is what defines me. I have god gifted knowledge of music and I can play over 15 instruments all self-taught. Music is and always will be my passion and dream!”

Major Achievements

Source: Facebook

  • Taught himself to play the Piano at the age of 5.
  • Started singing cover songs at the age of 11
  • Is an artist at Patari
  • Plays over 15 instruments and produces his music himself
  • Performed multiple times for raising money for disabled children
  • Got featured in articles on platforms like ‘Parhlo’ for his stunning mobile photography

His message to the world

Source: Facebook

“The sky is the limit. Music and Photography / Cinematography are always going to be on top in my life and I will keep producing content including photos and videos! But Music will always remain my number one priority. I was born a performer and I will die a performer.”

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