Transferred 5 Times In A Month! Is Assist Commissioner Fareeda Facing Discrimination In Balochistan?

commissioner fareeda facing discrimination balochistan

Challenging the conservative customs of society and touching the heights of success at a young age, Fareeda Tareen exerted a lot of effort in proving to the society that imparting education to females is as important as to males. However, the Balochistan government allegedly exerts to pull her down. Is assistant commissioner Fareeda Tareen facing discrimination in Balochistan?

Tareen belongs to Pishin, a district in Balochistan but she moved to Quetta for education. It is worth noting that Tareen did not waste her potential and achieved the best quality education.

assistant commissioner fareeda balochistan
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She has taught Central Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Civil Service (PCS) aspirants at SEERS academy and Anfal academy for a long time. It is pertinent to mention that she passed the PCS exam in November 2017. More so, she began her first job as Assistant Settlement Officer.

Besides her official and current job, Tareen has always aspired to introduce projects for female education at national or international level because she believes women empowerment is the panacea to many of the ills in our society. 

commissioner fareeda
Source: Twitter

According to social media reports, Fareeda has been allegedly transferred five times to different departments in one month, is she facing discrimination as an assistant commissioner in Balochistan? That too, without any explicit justifications. The well-qualified lady who passed the exam for the Assistant Commissioner (AC) four years ago, has not yet been appointed as AC in her four-year career.

Twittersphere calls out the oppressing Balochistan government

Pakistanis are raising their voice for Tareen and calling out the oppressing and discriminatory behavior of the Balochistan government. In addition to this, many believe this is outright harassment – not appointing a deserving person as AC just because of being a female.

Reportedly, her fellows are serving, however, she continues to face discrimination at the hands of the Balochistan government. Needless to say, this is a heinous act to victimize the highly educated women of an already unprogressive society. Not only that but it also curbs the course for them to succeed and serve the nation.

Tareen is effortlessly an epitome of women’s empowerment. However, despite being a source of pride and honor for the women of Balochistan, the government seems adamant about oppressing her. Of course, how could the government tolerate a person who actually works for the people and implements the constitution?

Despite all social obstacles, there are still many women in Pakistan who want to be a part of the country’s law enforcement and serve the nation. One of such remarkable women is Pari Gul Tareen who became the first woman Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) from Balochistan.

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