Meesha Shafi Speaks On the Legal Notice Served to her By Ali Zafar and Things Are Getting Serious

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This past week has been a rollercoaster ride for Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar. After the claims made by Meesha Shafi of sexual harassment by Ali Zafar, things have been both – nasty and productive. With celebrities and co-workers choosing sides, the Pakistani social media audience is coming up with theories of their own.

Meesha Shafi Issued a Statement Few Days Ago

And Ali Zafar Categorically Denied all the Allegations

At first, Ali Zafar did not comment on the claims that were made on him. Later then, he mentioned how he will take the matters to court to make sure all the slandering allegations are given the treatment they deserve.

In the turn of events, it turns out, Ali Zafar did serve Meesha Shafi with a legal notice. Official news publications and outlets have been reporting that Meesha Shafi was served with a legal notice by Ali Zafar, which requires her to apologize on social media within 2 weeks.

While Ali Zafar continues remaining quiet on the matter, Meesha Shafi shared a tweet that sheds light on her legal counselors and the steps they will be taking now.

Meesha Shafi Made the Following Tweet:

Meesha Shafi has announced that she will be taking the matters up legally as well. Both parties are now seeking legal guidance and influence to resolve the matter.

While the situation has taken a rather serious turn, we are all waiting to see how this ends. Hopefully, this will be treated as an example. A number of women have come forward, blaming Ali Zafar for sexually harassing them. On the other hand, various associated parties have mentioned that these incidents never took place and Meesha Shafi has greatly exaggerated the events.

Let’s see what happens next in this fiasco!

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