Meesha Shafi Defends Rabi Pirzada Condemning Leaked Video Scandal!

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The internet is becoming a dark place every day as people are losing sight of the fine line between ethical and non-ethical acts. One of the most disgusting acts on the internet is to leak someone’s private data without permission. Be it any kind of data. But someone just leaked the Pakistani female vocalists Rabi Pirzada’s videos. And while many females are busy shaming Rabi, Meesha Shafi defends her.

Regardless of the victim of the leak being a man or a woman, everyone should be condemning an act like this. However, in our messed up world, some people start victim-blaming. And instead of becoming a support for the victim they continue cursing him/her. Especially if it’s a woman, she is surely not spared.

Similar happened with Rabi Pirzada. As soon as her videos were out, she became the most talked about topic on twitter. And the hashtag of her name was trending. There were most obviously both kinds of opinions running wild. But this time positive ones were ruling the negative ones out.

Meesha Shafi Stood In Support Of Rabi Pirzada

Along with thousands of others, Meesha Shafi posted a tweet in support of Rabi Pirzada too. She herself has faced harassment in the past and has been struggling to prove herself in the court. So, she probably knows the pain of trying to prove yourself right when you’re the actual victim. Hence, despite the fact that the vocalist Rabi had ridiculed women sharing their stories through #metoo movement, Meesha being one of them stood by her.

She reposted a tweet of Human rights activist and lawyer Nighat Dad who was asking people to report tweets and accounts that are sharing the videos. Nighat is the same lawyer who represents Meesha in the defamation case against Ali Zafar.

However, Meesha added some comments of her own while retweeting it. In the tweet, she reminded the world of how Rabi took at the #metoo movement calling it a publicity stunt. While it was a bitter memory for the women themselves. And also quoted how women she accused are unconditionally defending her today referring to Nighat and many others, including herself.


Nighat Dad in her tweet pointed out the forwarding “non-consensual intimate images and videos” to others as a crime according to the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act.

All of this despite the fact that Rabi had indirectly attacked Meesha publicly in the sexual harassment case.

Rabi Pirazada Filed Complaint Against The Leak

On Saturday, Rabi Pirzada filed a complaint against the leaked videos with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). She approached the cybercrime wing of the FIA asking for an action to be taken against the culprit behind it.

FIA confirmed the news and informed that they had received the complaint. Also, saying that the investigation of the case has started and they would write a letter to Facebook on Monday to disclose the details of the person who anonymously leaked the videos and pictures.

However, the ugliness of society continues to reveal itself as accounts reveal the messages they are receiving asking for the link to Rabi Pirzada’s leaked videos.

This is gravely saddening and a moment to be worried about the kind of humans this society is bringing up.

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