Out of all the rumours from Meesha-Ali Controversy, This Is the One You Should Not Believe In!

After Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassing her on multiple accounts and that too in public places, Meesha wrote a note on Twitter saying that she has had enough of this and now she wants to speak about it. Meesha Shafi was bashed on her confession by a vast majority.

Ali Zafar denied all the allegations that were put by Meesha Shafi and after that, Ali Zafar announced that he wanted to solve the matter professionally in court. After that, Meesha tweeted about how she has hired Nighat Dad and Pansota as her legal counsel and she requested everyone to contact them for any information regarding the case.

Recently, another spark of the rumor was fired which says that Meesha is moving out of the country to Canada. Also,  that she has deleted her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This is how the rumor started!

But half of the rumor is true and half is a lie. Meesha did delete her Facebook and Instagram account but she’s not moving out of the country. The news is confirmed by her legal counsel, Nighat Dad.

Meesha isn’t going anywhere

So, after the case, there are many rumors that would make rounds. But not everything that comes on the internet is true since everyone on the internet is looking forward to this case and wants to know what the reality is.

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