Meera Jee’s Wish List Has Something Special that You Need to Give Her a Thumbs Up for!

At some point in our lives, we all have our own bucket list to accomplish while we’re alive. Little or big, something you’d want to experience at least ONCE in your lifetime. So does Meera Jee! Want to find out what are the three in her wish list that she wants to accomplish?

Working alongside a big name in the film industry is a huge deal! But, if you’re Lollywood actress and wish to work alongside the famous Hollywood name – Leonardo Di Caprio. Well, that can be a tough little challenge. Little do you know, you might just get lucky! And yes, you read that right – Meera Jee wishes to work with Mr. Caprio!

This is what Meera had tweeted last month when asked about her 3 biggest wishes

Meera’s wish list…

We appreciate how honest she was about her wishlist, but apparently, some savages were there just to bash her, yet again…

This guy here thinks he knows too much

Aur aap se kisne poocha?

Oh please yourself!

Do you know what minding your own business means?

And, guys, this is not it! There is more to it!

Here’s what some of the people asked her during her Q & A session on Twitter


Source: Twitter

Free hone se pehle 10 baar sochen, plis

Oooh… that was a nice burn!

Meera’s witty replies on Twitter recently has made her the Queen of Trolls! And we just couldn’t stop enjoying the tweets and reactions! Either Meera has learned English or not, she sure has perfected her skills of making an epic comeback to those who follow her on social media.

We wish Meera all the best and pray that she accomplishes all that she wishes, because yeah, dreams do come true! We love how daring and ambitious she is! Way to go, Meera! What do you guys think of her witty comebacks and her wishlist? Let us know!

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