In Pictures: Meera Gains 10 Kgs For A New Project & We Bet You Won’t Recognize Her


Meera, one of our most popular and veteran actors, seems to be dedicating every effort to her forthcoming project. The actor shared some behind-the-scenes pics for her yet-to-be-announced drama serial on social media.

Meera is known more for making headlines for her ignorant stunts than anything else. There is a reason why she is referred to as a ‘Scandal Queen’, and the title is perfectly fitting since she is always under fire for her brainless antics rather than her acting talent. For a change, the Baaji actor has made headlines for a different reason.

Image: Instagram

In the said posts, we see Meera in a lehenga choli with a matka on her head. The actor has been shooting in Bahawalpur.

The drama, titled Dasht-e-Wahshat, also stars Arbaz Khan. The show is currently in the shooting phase. Talking about her role in the drama, Meera shared she had to put on 10kgs to really get into the skin of her character, Monghra.

“In fact, I had to put on some weight (around 10 kg) because it was a requirement of the drama director according to my role,” the Baaji star penned while sharing a one-second clip on her Instagram account. She went on to add, “Once finished with the shooting, I will get back to my normal weight.”

Have a look at the pictures:

The veteran actor previously made an appearance at Time Out With Ahsan Khan. Asked if she had always wanted to be an actor, the star replied, “I wanted to be an actor since birth and I was very good at my studies too. But an achiever, no. I failed sometimes and still do.” But in love, did she fail or achieve, inquired Khan to which she said, “I fell in love, very hard, but I don’t know if I have won or lost.

The Kasak actor was spotted at the International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA) 2021 that took place in Istanbul last November. Meera appeared to be flaunting her baby bump, leaving social media users and followers to speculate and troll.

Meera has always been the queen of trolls, and her fans love her for it. Earlier, she took it to social media to make the Pakistan government aware of her being trapped in a hotel room in New York amid quarantine.

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