Meekal Hasan & Rubya Chaudhry Got Married Last Night And OMG!

If you are aware of who Meekal Hasan is, we applaud your refined taste in music!

Meekal Hasan of the Meekal Hasan band is considered one of the most talented musicians of the country at the moment. He has managed to stay away from the chaos the limelight brings while producing beautiful pieces of music at the same time.

His work involves a fusion between rock and Sufi music. Something that Pakistan’s music industry takes pride on.

Rubya Chaudhry is one of the leading models of the country. A face that mesmerizes you and a face that almost everyone in the country recognizes. She has been one of the leading talents in the media that have given consistently quality work with hardly any drama.

She has also worked in several dramas and movies and has proven her mettle in that branch of the field as well.

News has come out that Meekal Hasan and Rubya Chaudhry tied knots last night. They had been engaged for a while but have managed to keep their relationship out of the media’s prying eyes.

Here’s the entire picture collection of all the events:


The bride to be with her mother.


Rubya Chaudhry with the Khawatoons!





The bride and the groom!

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Who do you think is the most beautiful couple from the entertainment industry?

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