MedznMore Introduces A Period Policy & Appreciates Swyft Logistics For Coming Up With This Initiative

MedznMore period policy

Adding another one onto the bandwagon: MedznMore, a health-tech startup also launched a policy on menstrual leave for its female employees recently, whereby they are allowed to take 12 days off to deal with the difficulties that come along with the menstrual cycle & they have that comfort and flexibility.

As a leading health tech startup, MedznMore’s goal is to simplify healthcare in Pakistan and provide a one-stop solution for all healthcare needs.

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In order to achieve this, TezMedz & Tabiyat.PK ( the B2B and B2C divisions) believe that that should come from within the company first, whereby the employee’s health and wellness should be of utmost priority.

By providing a period policy, the company wants to ensure that its female employees are not in physical discomfort and are prioritizing their wellness before work-related tasks.

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Additionally, the company believes in providing a safe space for its female employees so that they feel comfortable taking menstrual days off and not feel awkward voicing these concerns to male management.

Along with its period policy, MedznMore is formulating a policy that gives time off for women who have had miscarriages to allow them to grieve and fully recover.

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Similar to Swyft Technologies & MedznMore, more Pakistani companies need to take the initiative to provide a safe space for women – especially since menstrual health remains a taboo topic & women remain minorities in the workforce.

Source: MedznMore

According to Always Pakistan, 1 in 5 girls misses school in Pakistan because of her period, which results from a multitude of reasons that all boil down to the taboo behind it and lack of education.

By providing this policy, Medznmore wants all its female employees to know that they understand this time of the month needs recognition and is sufficient enough to ask for a holiday instead of feeling compelled to lie.

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