McDonald’s Pakistan Is Offering Free Breakfast To Honor #HealthCareHeroes

McDonald's Pakistan

Just when we think we are fighting the coronavirus pandemic, think about the real fighters who are working 24/7 to save lives.

McDonald’s Pakistan recognizes the efforts and sacrifices these #HealthCareHeroes are making and announced FREE breakfast as a kind gesture to ‘thank and reward’ people who are working around the clock during the pandemic. The way McDonald’s Pakistan is appreciating #HealthCareHeroes is definitely commendable.

The offer was made available today. All you have to do is show your healthcare ID card!

McDonald’s Pakistan is doing its part. Let’s do our part by staying at home so that our #HealthCareHeroes can go home too.

Our little token of gratitude to applaud the unwavering spirit and hard work of our doctors & medical staff. Redeem your…

Gepostet von McDonald's am Mittwoch, 25. März 2020

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