McDonald’s Earns Applause For A Display Of True Customer Service

In the midst of back to back negative news about various crimes and thefts that seem to put a big question mark on where we’re heading as a nation, A review shows up on the infamous SWOT’s Guide Islamabad about a branch of McDonald’s that seems to serve as a restoration of our faith in humanity, reassuring us that there’s still some goodness left.

The post that was shared by Mawra Irshad on 23rd February 2021, as she appreciates McDonald’s branch located at F-9 Islamabad, and thanks their branch manager Mr. Umar and staffer, Mr. Rahim for showing praiseworthy honesty by returning a ring that was previously lost by the owner in their store, in all its original state and glory and upon being offered a reward to express her gratitude, was politely and respectfully declined by McDonald’s staff, claiming that the act was simply their duty.

This heart-warming story that was appreciated by many as they applauded the McDonald’s staff while sharing their own, similar experiences with them;
Aneeqa Malyk says:

Sounds reassuring!

Another comment:

Wow! They even go the extra mile.

A comment also stated:

And many others making it seem like honesty and great customer service is a common practice there.

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