This MBA Student is Unable to Pay his Fees Due to Family Obligation and he Needs Your Help

This MBA Student is Unable to Pay his Fees Due to Family Obligation and he Needs Your Help

The current job market in Pakistan is extremely saturated – with more students graduating every year and fewer job opportunities for them, letting go of the job they have in their hands is a tough decision filled with risks. On the other hand, the fee structure of the universities in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, are never too less for a single man to afford.

Having this said, MBA student from Univerity of Management Technology (UMT) Muhammad Naeem Ullah Khan Needs Help in Saving his Education and his Job

In a letter for help he wrote to Parhlo, Naeem Ullah shared the following:

Hope so you will be fine. It is stated that my mom was paying charges she isn’t in this world now father got heart operation, he can’t do anything. I am the senior in the home doing MBA and job and it is my last semester of MBA.

I don’t have fees to pay. I have 30,000 and my fees is rs. 1,00,000. Presently I require degree yet I don’t have fees to pay an excessive amount of surprise my entire year will be demolished and my investigation as well. Please for the love of all that is pure and holy enable m, Allah, to give u more. Please share it as much as u can and please before 27th oct I require this sum.

If you wish to assist Naeem Ullah Khan during his tough time or have any NGO or organization which can support his educational needs, please contact him here: 03066195119. It will be great if someone could help him complete his MBA so he may focus on his job afterward.

Let’s try to save someone’s education and their job and play a role!


Naeem has received Rs. 100,000 and he now needs Rs. 122,472 more to pay his fees. Together we can do this! Let’s help him a little more so Naeem can complete his MBA.

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