Maya Ali Finally Reveals Her Relationship Status With Sheheryar Munawar

maya ali and sheheryar munawar

Actress Maya Ali who is often been linked up with actor Sheheryar Munawar has finally opened up about her relationship status with him.

In a live session on Instagram with HSY, Maya Ali clarifies all the rumours about her love life. Host HSY kept on teasing Maya with Sheheryar, but she didn’t seem to get affected with it. While addressing the rumours about her affair with him, she said, “Some people said we are doing this because of film promotions, some said no, there is something else”.

“I don’t know how to respond to people. We have great chemistry and it’s quite evident in our interviews. But, we aren’t seeing each other at all. We are good friends. I talk to Sheheryar whenever we have to talk about our projects. Nowadays, there is no work so we don’t talk much. But there is nothing more than this,” she clarified.

She also discussed her on-screen chemistry with him and how they start bonding on the sets of ‘Paray Hut Love’.

Earlier, there were also rumours about her affair with Osman Khalid Butt, when they started their career together. They had great chemistry and people assumed that they are also married. However, soon it was evident that they are the best of the friends but nothing more to it.

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Maya Ali behind Sheheryar’s broken engagement?

Sheheryar was engaged to the Hala Soomro and the pictures of the gorgeous couple made rounds over the social media. Everyone was convinced that they are meant to be together as they looked happy with the arranged-union. But, later the actor in an interview revealed that it didn’t work out.

People speculate their brewing chemistry with Maya is the reason behind Sheheryar’s broken engagement.

Maya though clarified that they’re ‘just good friends’, Sheheryar once in an interview did say that he was ‘awestruck’ by the actress. Well, there’s no smoke without fire (wink).


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