Maya Ali’s Blooper While Talking About Football Has Got People Trolling Her!

The FIFA trophy tour is the talk of the week – with the historical moment of the trophy coming to Pakistan for the very first time, sports enthusiasts are flying from all over the country to see the trophy unveiling.

Notable figures such as Zainab Abbas, Younus Khan, Maya Ali, Quratulain Balock and Momina Mustehsan have been closely involved to bring the trophy on the Pakistani soil. All in all, every Pakistani is proud to witness the moment.

People Are Sharing their Excitement!

The Trophy Tour Includes Notable Representatives, from the Sports World, As Well As From Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

While the girls from the crew were hanging out, they enjoyed themselves before the unveiling of the trophy!

Sports Analysist Zainab Abbas Questioned Maya Ali While They Were Having Out

Zainab Abbas Asked Maya Ali some basic questions regarding football – who her favorite player is, who she enjoys watching and so on. The actress, however, was sure to mention that whatever limited knowledge she has is only because of her football fanatic brother.

Maya Ali shared that her brother makes her see football watches and while Maya was talking about the players, she called Ronaldo and Cristiano as two separate players. “Ye Messi hai…Ye Ronaldo hai…Ye Christiano hai.”

Here’s What She Said

Despite the actress making sure that she only watched football because of her brother, people trolled her for her lack of knowledge…only because of the slight mistake she made while speaking.

Some Got Really Furious!

The fact that Maya Ali was very clear of her less knowledge regarding football and just uttering a blooper has got people trolling her. Of course, she knew the name Cristiano Ronaldo, she just made a simple mistake.

While Pakistan is struggling to qualify/play football based on lack of resources, corruption and various notable elements, bringing the FIFA trophy to the country is still an honor because the concerned parties managed to do it, despite the obstacles.

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