Maya Ali Opens Up About How Her Father Ignored Her For 8 Long Years And It’s Heartbreaking!

The beautiful and talented actress Maya Ali is brilliant on-screen, she’s the favorite girl next door on TV. After TV she made her mark on the silver screen with Teefa In Trouble last year. And this year her second film Parey Hut Love is all set to release on Eid Ul Azha.

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Maya felt her success was incomplete with her Baba being angry at her:

Maya has been vocal about her family not being supportive of her career. She has talked about it on various platforms. In a recent interview with BBC Asian Networks, she again spoke about her father’s disapproval of her career choice. And how it has affected her.

“My father did not talk to me for eight years, I wish he would have not stopped talking to me,” said a heartbroken Maya. She wanted him to say something to her, even if it was to scold her. she added that she would say ‘Baba, Assalam-o-Alaikum’ and he would never even reply back.”

This affected her a lot, even though she was making her name in the industry and she was successful but without her father’s approval it all felt incomplete.


After eight long years, her father finally came to terms with her acting. But sadly, he wasn’t left with much time in this world. She recalled when she lost the best actress award for Diyar-e-Dil. Her father consoled her and said, “It’s OK Beta You will win it next time for Man Mayal, And I won it, but he wasn’t there to celebrate with me.



She has a heartfelt message to all the unsupportive parents out there:

When Maya Ali was asked, to give a message to all the parents who don’t support their children. She further said that maybe our parents are right, there might be something in the industry that they are scared of, for their children’s sake. But times have changed now and the mindsets have changed too, we should change accordingly as well. She pleaded that parents should not make your children miss the chances they get in life because they are scared.

“I beg you to let your children do what they want, please. Because time waits for no one.

Life is too short to miss opportunities, parents should support their children to explore and find their true passion. What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments with us.

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