The Picture of Maulana Tariq Jameel Stepping Out of a Lavish Car is Raising A Lot of Concerns

Often times Pakistanis have questioned the honesty of one of Pakistan’s most followed Islamic preachers, Maulana Tariq Jameel. The followers of the Maulana are huge in number and for all the right reasons. He preaches with honesty and shed lights of Islamic aspects in the most polite manner. Many believe that Maulana does not impose extremist views, which many Islamic preachers are seen doing in the past.

Maulana Tariq Jameel is often criticized for his simplicity. Many have said that he chooses a modern lifestyle, travels in lavish, expensive cars and preachers the opposite to those who follow him.

The Picture of Maulana Sahib Stepping Out of a Limousine Went Viral on Social Media for all the Wrong Reasons

Those Who Admire Maulana Sahab Spoke in Favor of him



There You Go!

Then Again, There was a Lot of Hatred

People were commenting on how the Maulana preaches simplicity and speaks against monetary aspects, but charges for his bayans and travels in lavish cars.

ARY Channel Host Iqrar ul Hasan Also Tweeted to Clear the Air Regarding the Controversial Hatred Maulana Sahab was Receiving

And Just Yesterday, Maulana Sahab’s Official Page Posted a Video of the Preacher Regarding this Very Topic

Maulana Sahab clarified his position and spoke with such kindness regardless of all the hate he was receiving in the past few days.

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