Materialsim | A Root Cause Of Depression

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There may be other reasons for depression, but one of them is that we just want too much. We are simply too preoccupied with what we want to have in the future that we are failing to appreciate the present and count our blessings.

There is a huge misconception among people. They believe that they’ll achieve what they desire ( or fame), and all of their problems will be solved and they would not have sadness anymore.

But it is only a mere illusion. In this trick, we fail to thank for what we already have, running after things that are not even ours.

The key to Immortal success is to count your blessings. Allah (SWT) also likes those that thank Him for everything he has blessed them with, and as a gift for it, he increases their blessings.

To count all that you have will take far too much time for there to be counting the negative aspects of life.

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