This Interview Of Mashal Khan’s Father Shows How He Continues To Remain Brave While Asking For Justice

These past few days are a complete picture of everything wrong with the mindset of extremists. Remember how many of us spoke about how “We need to educate Pakistanis to make broaden their mindsets”? Well, these past 2 days are a complete example of how even education cannot change their thinking.

An inhumane act conducted under broad daylight, without no one stopping, with no one condemning, a man was killed. Even after he was killed, the students of the university kept beating up his body to the point where his clothes ripped off and his skull got exploded. His body drenched in blood, and his blood filling hands of many who stood there, chanting “Allah-o-Akbar”.


The matters of right and wrong are decided by the Almighty. People today, however, have taken matters into their hands as the “Protectors of Islam”. Without reflecting on any proof so far, the murder of Mashal Khan by the ‘educated students’ under the violation of blasphemy speaks a lot about the mindset.

After many saw the brutal attacks made on Mashal Khan, many wondered how his family would feel about their son becoming a target of such brutality. On the contrary, Mashal Khan’s father Muhammad Iqbal showed great courage in every interview he gave and asked for nothing, but justice for his son.

In his interview for BBC Urdu, he can be seen telling us about how Mashal talked about Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) in all goodness and also mentioned how, as a student of journalism, Mashal talked a lot about Hazrat Umar (RA) and his method of working.

The brave father also said that he seeks justice because he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the way his son did.

In another interview, Muhammad Iqbal talked about how people have taken the law into their own hands and that the government should take serious measures in investigating the people who did this to him.

While you may or may not agree on the innocence of Mashal Khan; a true Muslim knows Mashal Khan’s brutal killing is something neither Allah nor the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) would’ve approved. Our Prophet (SAWW) looked after the woman who threw trash on him. Is this how we value his teachings?

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