These Shocking Theories Claim That Mashal Khan Was Rather Framed In The Blasphemy Allegation!

Another case of alleged blasphemy takes the life of a Pakistani. Over the bygone few years, blasphemy has succumbed to be an increasingly problematic issue. Many cases, brought to the notice of general public or not, has ended in lives being taken of the accused parties. The most prominent incident has been the murder of former Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer at the hands of his own member of security personnel, Mumtaz Qadri.

The recent case brought Mashal Khan, a journalism student at Mardan’s Abdul Wali Khan University being trounced to death in an allegation of blasphemy. I am sure you have seen the video by now. It is horrifying indeed how the angry mob barbarically unleashed their wrath on him and put him to death. The mob was reportedly seen beating him and chanting, “Allah O’ Akbar!”. The story has now taken a dramatic turn.

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Speculations and striking details suggest there were fake accounts made with Mashal Khan’s name as a way to frame him in the blasphemy accusation

There is hard evidence that hints on a speculation that maybe Mashal Khan was dragged into the allegation.

Mashal Khan posted on Facebook, warning people of possible fake accounts with his name

Source: Facebook

A blasphemous comment made “after he was killed” by a profile with his name

Source: Facebook

These left-wing groups could be storming social media, making every effort against Mashal Khan.

Speculations claim that Mashal Khan was dragged in the accusation in a planned murder. The blasphemy allegation was only a bait to frame him in a quick and easy murder. On the flipside, there could also be a theory that fake accounts were deliberately made to conduct blasphemy by the accused. Nothing is concrete but the fact he was murdered in such a vile manner is condemnable on all grounds.

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The lead that shows Mashal Khan warning people of possible fake accounts is of supreme importance if we are to suspect there was a planned act of murder.

What happened with Mashal Khan is indeed distressing. There goes our society, dealing with a nuisance that puts us to shame and taints our reputation all over the world. Pakistan is seriously having a hard time dealing with extremism and this incident is a depiction of the problems hovering above the prospect of our society.

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