This PML-(N) Supporter Claims that Maryam Nawaz Sent Him a “Strip Club Limo” and People Are Like Whaaat?

Maryam Nawaz Sharif is back in the news for another piece of controversy. This time, it’s an indirect blow, but one cannot completely assess if the terms of news are true or authentic to any point. A social media user by the name of “Controversial Rana” tweeted something very strange the other day.

He claims that Maryam Nawaz sent an extended Hummer for him in order to commute to PML-(N) social media team meeting. He tweeted about it, putting pictures of the limousine that apparently looks straight to be out of a strip club or something. It was also reported that the PML-N social media team meeting held in Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s the tweet where “controversial rana” makes the claim…

What in the world? Is this even true? It is hard to believe though…

It was also reported that Mr. Controversial Rana has backtracked on his claim, but he still has not completely clarified if it is true or not. People are equally shocked to see how come a diehard PML-(N) supporter can make such an outrageous claim?

Keep in mind that Mr. Controversial Rana is an avid PML-(N) supporter and he’s also a member of the social media team.

What do you guys think about it?

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