Pakistanis Troll Maryam Nawaz On Twitter & ‘Uzma Bhi Hairan Ho Gai’

maryam nawaz troll hairan ho gai

The political landscape of Pakistan is both diplomatic and filled with controversial conspiracies. From Bilawal Bhutto, to Maryam Nawaz to Imran Khan each politician has an influential figure in the minds of the public. Recently, Maryam Nawaz becomes the target of troll and memes as she tweets ‘Uzma main khud hairan ho gai’ on twitter.

Recently, Maryam becomes the target of trolls and memes as she is seen at Islamabad for her hearing regarding the corruption charges on her. While a large number of Pakistan calls her out for her alleged forgery and corruption, some of her supporters truly have quite delusional views to put forward.

What we find even more hilarious is how Maryam also has the same enthusiasm as her followers. She took to Twitter to share her joy on the matter by saying:

However, the situation only gets ironic, when we see how the people reacted to her statement. The people of Pakistan are now using this opportunity to troll Maryam Nawaz with the hashtag ‘Uzma main khud hairan ho gai’ and use this opportunity to make fun of the politician here and then.

Pakistanis troll Maryam Nawaz and the memes are so on-point!

Check out the best of the memes and trolls we picked for you:

From calling her dramatic and fake, there is no doubt that Pakistanis have no chill.

Interestingly, some were keen enough to point out the difference; about how Maryam Nawaz would look with no makeup.

Even Captain Safdar was dragged along in the meme showdown, and how dangerous Maryam actually can be.

And finally the best ones for the last!

However, this isn’t the first time we witness Maryam Nawaz troll, the politician apparently has a long list of embarrassing moments and situations like ‘Uzma main khud hairan ho gai’ and we have enjoyed them all.

All in all, one thing is for sure Pakistanis are champions in how to troll and create funny memes out of thin air. Maybe that is what our actual quality is! Wouldn’t you agree?

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