Maryam Nawaz Reveals Why She Avoids Drinking ‘Lassi’ & We Are Shocked!

Maryam Nawaz Lassi

If you have been to Lahore and never had its traditional lassi, it is a disgrace to the city. No kidding. Lahore is known for its lassi but turns out that PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz does not drink lassi!

In a viral photo, Maryam was seen holding her steel cup (yes, the very ‘magical’ steel cup which started a whole new controversy). A Twitter user noticed the glass in her hand and asked her, “Are you having lassi, Ma’am?“ as she tagged Maryam.

Image: Gulf News

To this, the PML-N vice president responded, “I wish I could have it everyday but I have to watch my weight so coffee only”.

Another follower tweeted that being a Lahori and not drinking lassi is a ‘crime’, to which Maryam responded with a helpless face emoji, “Isn’t it?”

Poor Maryam. It is definitely a struggle a lot of weight-watchers, especially public figures face. Since lassi is sweet and high in calories, it is believed to cause weight gain. However, that is quite debatable since lassi is purely made of yogurt i.e. a great source of probiotics, protein, and calcium which are great for your gut and overall health.

Although many people tend to avoid it due to its sugar content, the drink will actually do more good than harm. Replace processed, bleached sugar with jaggery [gurr] or honey to make a delicious, healthy beverage. Even so, if you are still skeptical, feel free to try salty [namkeen] lassi! It only has 170-180 calories per serving which is perfectly fine!

But wait… coffee in a steel glass?

Well, in case you are not aware, many Pakistanis believe that the daughter of the PML-N premier possesses a jadui (magical) glass. Speaking of which, you all must have noticed a steel glass (same as above) in the hands of the PML-N leader at least once. Did you know that she carries it everywhere?

Image: File

For a long time, we have been seeing this steel glass in her hands. Be it a meeting with Bilawal Bhutto or a jalsagah stage, this glass has always been spotted in her hands.

Image: File

Many are of the opinion that her steel glass is her lucky charm, and presumably has some ‘magical power’.

Ironically, she is not the first politician who is now believed to be indulging in strange superstitions. Bushra Maneka, the wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to be a subject of popularity at large when it comes to mysterious supernatural activities and labeled as Peerni‘ on many occasions.

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