Maryam Nawaz's Clicks With A Fortunetelling 'Jadui' Glass Takes The Internet By Storm

Maryam Nawaz’s Clicks With A Fortunetelling ‘Jadui’ Glass Takes The Internet By Storm

Maryam Nawaz Glass

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz effortlessly makes it to the headlines every now and then but mostly for all the wrong reasons. Just last week everybody went on to talk about her luxurious shoes yet again after finding out their worth. Take a wild guess what it could be this time. Never mind, it is too absurd to even guess. Well, it seems as though this political leader possesses a jadui (magical) glass.

Have you heard of the ‘Cup of Jamshid’? Historians say it is a cup of foretelling the future, which in Persian mythology was long possessed by the rulers of ancient Iran.

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Interestingly, the cup has been the subject of many Persian poems and stories. In fact, many authors believe that the success of the Persian Empire was due to the possession of this artifact.

The whole world was said to be reflected in that cup. More so, the forecasted future within the cup was said to reveal deep truths. In simple words, it was more like a crystal globe.

Speaking of which, you all must have noticed a steel glass in the hands of the PML-N leader at least once. Did you know that she carries it everywhere?

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For a long time, we have been seeing a steel glass in her hands. After all the curation, the so-called jadui glass has gained a lot of attention recently. Be it a meeting with Bilawal Bhutto or a jalsagah stage, this glass has always been spotted in her hands.

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Not only this but also when she leaves her house or travels – in a nutshell, there has been no occasion she goes solo. In fact, even when appearing for interviews with international outlets, she held onto her glass.

So, what’s cooking?

Pakistanis are of the opinion that her steel glass is her lucky charm, and presumably has some ‘magical power’. Are you creeped out already?

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In all respects, it is materially an absurd assumption to make but what can we say… you never know.

Ironically, she is not the first politician who is now believed to be indulging in strange superstitions. Bushra Maneka, the wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to be a subject of popularity at large when it comes to mysterious supernatural activities.

Many are of the opinion that Khan’s wife believes in and takes part in black magic. Given that she helps the PM in decision-making, and referred to as his ‘spiritual mentor’, she has also been labeled asPeerni‘ on many occasions.

Last week, the outspoken daughter of PML-N premier was spotted wearing Gucci’s Princetown GG velvet slippers and caught a lot of attention. After doing some digging, the worth of those shoes turned out to be Rs1.5 lacs!

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