What A Drama! Videos Reveal PML-N Workers Brought Stones With Them To Fight With Punjab Police

pmln fight stone police

A clash erupted between outraged Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) workers and the Punjab police which later turned in to a stone fight on Tuesday as party’s vice-president Maryam Nawaz reached near the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) office. She was summoned in a case pertaining to the illegal transfer of 180 acres of land in Raiwind.

Maryam was not able to appear before the NAB after the clash and a fight between police and PMLN workers with stones. Her party workers and police clashed outside the anti-corruption watchdog’s office. After a deadlock for over an hour, Maryam turned back shortly after the NAB announced via a press release that today’s proceedings had been delayed.

In a video that she posted on Twitter, Maryam alleged that police pelted stones at her car which cracked her bulletproof vehicle’s windshield. In a tweet, the PMLN leader accused the Punjab police of pelting stones at her vehicle.

Was it planned chaos?

Although, Maryam has accused the police of creating chaos outside the NAB’s office, but it is also being reported that it was all planned that the party workers would create a ruckus to stop the proceeding against their leader.

According to details, PMLN workers who accompanied Maryam from Jati Umrah to the NAB office in a convoy – pelted stones at police officials and started the fight. They also tried to break the barriers outside the anti-corruption watchdog’s office. In retaliation, the police resorting to aerial firing, shelling and baton charge to disperse the infuriated crowd.

The PMLN workers reportedly started pelting stones, which they had kept hidden in their vehicles, at the police following the scuffle. The police pelted stones back at the PMLN workers accompanying Maryam which turned in to a fight. The pelting allegedly damaged the windshield of Maryam’s car.

Watch these videos by local news channels on the stone fight by PMLN.

This is the second time Maryam came back without appearing before NAB. This erupted a stone fight between police and PMLN workers. The anti-graft body had summoned details from the PMLN vice-president. And about her source of income through which she purchased the aforementioned land and the taxes that she paid.


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