Maryam Nawaz Wore A “Free Nawaz Sharif” Kurta Designed By Hina Butt To Court And Pakistanis Lost It!

Maryam Nawaz arrives at the accountability court in style. Her black kurta has overshadowed most of today’s highlights triggering the online awaam. The kameez featured a picture of her father, the former premier Nawaz Sharif with a slogan in both English and Urdu languages that said, ‘Free Nawaz Sharif’ and ‘Bay Gunnah Nawaz Shareef Ko Rihaah Karo’. 

NAB issued an application which suggested to seek legal action against Maryam Nawaz for submitting fake trust deed in the Avenfield properties case. However, NAB’s plea was dismissed today on Friday the 19th of July, 2019 by Judge Bashir. Maryam Nawaz was summoned for this hearing.

This Picture Instantly Went Viral On Social Media Starting A Twitter Trend #FreeNawazSharif.

The designer of this kurta, Hina Butt who herself is a PML-N leader lauded the Vice-President Of Muslim League-Nawaz on her bravery, calling her “epitome of defiance and determination in Pakistan politics today”

Maryam Nawaz has definitely donned several smart, elegant and sophisticated outfits. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she would choose to pull this off. An odd choice indeed, but bold nonetheless.

The political scenario of Pakistan does seem quite dramatic at this point and the future of Nawaz Sharif’s party isn’t looking too bright either. Considering the recent big arrest of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has definitely shaken PML-N to its core. Several leaders are facing serious corruption cases against them diminishing their credibility.

Maryam Nawaz has taken the lead in fighting for justice, holding rallies and press conferences which is being deemed by the learned Pakistanis as a movement to save her father’s head for all the corruption and crimes he committed, against the nation and the common men of Pakistan.

Where There Were Praises, There Were People That Didn’t Appreciate The Gesture Maryam Tried To Make Through Her Outfit.

A symbol of power and a narrative.

Look at the picture closely. Ouch!

Calibri font reference. Several resorted to troll Maryam Nawaz for her choice of outfit. 

She definitely stirred an online commotion just with that dress. This garnered her admirers but naysayers alike, according to whom it’s just propaganda of hers that won’t come to fruition.

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