Maryam Nawaz Attacks Imran Khan Using His Alleged Daughter and People Find It a Cheap Shot

Aaaaand Maryam Nawaz is back in the news with a tad bit of controversy surrounding her. I mean, of course, it’s 3rd of January, 2018 and could we have a better start to 2018 than Her Majesty Maryam Nawaz making headlines? Absolutely not.

If you happen to keep a brief knowledge about Twitter in Pakistan, then you must know how popular Maryam Nawaz’s handle is. Safe to mention, a day does not go without scrolling down her profile on Twitter. Let me give you a short glimpse of how Maryam Nawaz tends to act on social media. The following tweet speaks volume and we would just let it be here.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif 101

Our politicians are very vocal about having differences among one another. Maryam Nawaz, the flagbearer of PML-N’s mandate, continues to criticise her major opposition and that is Imran Khan and PTI. First, Maryam would go full fledge against IK and his party and it would remain confined to politics. However, she continues to draw herself on a personal level that is way too vulnerable in this case.

Here she goes…

Social media is into a meltdown shortly after this video was posted

Pakistanis are not having it at all…

All sentiments aside, one shouldn’t go down to such a personal level

It’s worst how people are getting back at her in this way… it’s not okay

Well, what do you guys think?

Pakistanis continue to condemn her statement on all grounds. She literally attacked IK on a very personal level, meanwhile, we urge people to refrain from attacking her own character and pass shambolic judgments.

What’s your take on this?

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