Maryam Nawaz Just Appeared for the JIT Hearing and Left the Entire Internet In Laughing Fits

Regardless of what your political affiliations are, the fact that members of the governing party are held accountable for corrupting the country is something Pakistanis would’ve never imagined. Starting from rigging the elections to money laundering, tax fraud, and other illegal monetary activities, Imran Khan has single-handedly shaken the entire Sharif family.

The JIT hearings are currently in full swing as members of the Sharif family and of the governing body continue being questioned. Supreme Court, alongside the Join Investigation Team for Panama Case continues badgering the involved parties. Maryam Nawaz, “qoum ki beti” appeared in front of the JIT today and left the Pakistanis in shock after her post-hearing conference.

While talking to the media, Maryam Nawaz continued playing the blame-game by saying how the entire family could’ve escaped his fiasco by using their granted immunity. She even hinted on how guilty politicians run away to their resorts in Nathia Gali (you know who she means) or by faking a health issue, such as back pain to fly away from the country. She stated how brave the family is for having the courage to face all these allegations.

Additionally, she even mentioned how Pakistanis will be making a huge mistake if they continue badgering Nawaz Sharif this way.

She made some emotional statements and left the podium without answering the questions of the media officials.

Her Emotional Statements Left Pakistanis In Fits!

Even Imran Khan Questioned How the Elite Protocol Maryam Nawaz Received While Appearing for a Criminal Inquiry

Maryam Nawaz has no political involvement and even so, she enjoys the privileges and lives with the benefits. Where’s your civilian life, ma’am? Given how she claims to be involved in the political setup of PMLN and Pakistan, she has never done anything well for the country. She has not political title with her name. The only thing she has is the label of being the daughter of Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Because She’s Qoum ki Beti

Apparently, Hina Pervaiz Butt thinks Maryam Nawaz is Fit to Become a Leader after Being Accused of Fraud


There were Comparisons showing the Difference between the JIT Appearance of Maryam Nawaz and Benazir Bhutto

LOL Good Move!

Give Credit Where it is Due

The Emotional Statements by Maryam Nawaz were so Well-Composed, She can Write Dramas for HUM TV!



Regardless of what happens in the end, it is indeed shameful to see how our politicians and their family members are involved in such a circle of fraud. Pakistan deserves much more than what we are being served with. May God put the evil away!


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